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Sharicom Medical - Courier, Logistics, and Supply Chain Management

At Sharicom Medical, our logistics service representatives (LSRs) help healthcare facilities provide top-quality patient care. LSRs are certified in CPR, Advanced First Aid, OSHA Blood Borne Pathogens, Infectious Delivery Certification, U.S. DOT Hazmat Safety, HIPPA, HITAC, and the United Nations International Civil Aviation Organization.

Sharicom Medical provides transportation of goods for the medical, healthcare, and life science industry. Documents, supplies, and equipment that require special handling considerations can only be moved by LSRs with the appropriate training, licensure, and certifications.

Here are some examples of the various duties of a medical logistics service representative (LSR) at Sharicom Logistics:

Sharicom Medical Rx Courier Service AreasPick-Up

  • Take an accurate inventory of items to be transported.
  • Maintain accurate chain-of-custody documentation.
  • Ensure HIPAA regulations are met and upheld.
  • Accept medical items and follow provided instructions for their proper handling.
  • Adhere to schedule determined by the client.
  • Ensure documentation accompanying item is accurate and credible.


  • Transport goods within required time allowance.
  • Secure items in vehicle to preserve condition of item during transport.
  • Store transport items at required temperature, humidity, or other physical conditions.
  • Maintain the safety and condition of items during transport.
  • Operate transport vehicle safely, following local laws and regulations.


  • Punctual delivery of medical items.
  • Release goods only to correct personnel/acceptor.
  • Proper chain-of-custody handling at end-point.
  • Relay instructions to end-point from pick-up facility if required.
  • Check documentation for accuracy and credibility prior to the release of goods.
  • Uphold HIPAA regulations.

Medical couriers are responsible for sensitive information, hazardous waste, equipment, and biological samples. Each requires unique knowledge of defined handling and storage protocols intended to keep information private and samples viable. Transportation is usually from one medical facility to another; so many positions involve routine pick-ups and deliveries.

Medical Equipment

Medical equipment transportation is important for health care professionals in providing quality care to their clients. Instruments, detectors, and specialized tools are very expensive; therefore it’s not uncommon for facilities to loan equipment to off-site medical providers. Medical equipment movement can include:

  • X-Ray machines
  • MRI
  • CT Scanners
  • Surgical instruments and equipment
  • Biological Materials
  • Collection of biological materials, including blood and blood products or patient samples, and their subsequent delivery to hospitals and medical laboratories is a primary function for most medical couriers.

Medical logistics couriers routinely handle the following:

  • Blood samples
  • Urine, fecal, or other routine biological samples
  • Blood plasma
  • Organs
  • Sensitive Documents

Delivering documents that include private patient information is one of the most important tasks that medical couriers perform. The individuals trusted with these documents must display total understanding and respect for privacy laws and regulations.

Sharicom Medical logistics couriers have received training in HIPAA protocols and act in accordance with them. Information routinely transported by medical couriers includes:

  • Patient medical Charts
  • Medical Documents
  • Sensitive client information
  • Medications and Pharmaceutical Supplies

When transporting pharmaceutical supplies, medical couriers follow required procedures for the proper handling and storage of the drugs they are shipping. Accurate storage and climate controls must be maintained during shipping to preserve the efficacy of the products.

Sharicom Medical logistics couriers routinely ship or deliver:

  • Pharmaceutical supplies
  • Controlled substances
  • Accompanying documents
  • Urgent delivery items

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