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Courier Pickup and Delivery by Certified Medical Professionals

At Sharicom Medical, our courier hubs are staffed with certified professionals who are dedicated to completing your delivery quickly and securely within our service area.

In addition, we offer the highest level of professional customer support, backed by state-of-the-art technology. Whether placing orders on the phone or online with our online order entry, tracking, and reporting tool - customers expect and receive immediate delivery of their same-day orders.

Sharicom Medical Courier LocationsCourier & Logistics Coverage by Sharicom Medical and Sharicom Rx - Our Hubs


Medical Courier Services:

Same Day STAT (E-DD)

Items will be picked up within 30 minutes and delivered directly to the destination. For help or questions, please contact the Communication Office at (800) 539-8414 - Ext. 1.

Overnight Express (G-OE)

Items will be delivered the next day. This typically happens before 1:00 PM and is guaranteed before 3:00 PM. If delivery is needed sooner, please contact the Communication Office at (800) 539-8414 - Ext. 1.

Independent Certified Medical Professionals - Medical Courier Hub Staff

Healthcare institutions realize the great benefits of outsourcing their medical courier services, including improved efficiency, reduction of logistics costs, and increased quality control and quality assurance. When medical professionals are given the information and tools needed for successful patient care, it leads to a higher rate of positive outcomes.

At Sharicom Medical, we recognize what’s at stake for our customers and the patients who depend on them.  That understanding is what fires our desire to exceed your goals and expectations—not just in terms of profitability and productivity, but also in human terms.

Sharicom Medical™ and Sharicom Rx™ Hub Management

Each hub is managed by a corporation officer to maintain close and direct lines of communication with the highest levels of management. In most cases, this is an Assistant Vice President & General Manager or an Assistant Chief Service Officer.

These officers are assisted by a Location Manager, Head LSR, and Partner Service Supervisor at each Hub.


Our Mission

Connecting people with supplies, equipment, and services improve lives. At Sharicom Medical, we believe that a connected world is a better world, and that belief guides everything we do.

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