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Welcome to Sharicom Medical

Pickup, delivery, and medical logistics management can be complicated, especially when coordinating patient infusion and mediation schedules. Since 2001, Sharicom® and its specialized divisions have provided a wide variety of services for individuals and businesses as the foremost patient-centric supply chain, logistics management, life sciences, life coaches, and wellness coaches for clients of all sizes.  Sharicom Medical's courier and logistics management is the only patient-centric supply chain company completely dedicated to the medical, pharmaceutical, and life sciences industries.

At Sharicom Medical®, we understand the important role that we play for so many pharmacies, hospitals, clinics, home infusion services, home health companies, blood banks, labs, medical equipment, and other life science centers every day. Knowing the healthcare supply chain can be a matter of life or death. Hospitals, manufacturers, labs, other medical and healthcare organizations must by necessity create seamless partnerships and processes that extend to their logistics providers.

Healthcare institutions realize great benefits by outsourcing their medical courier services, including improved efficiency, reduction of logistics costs, and increased quality control and quality assurance. When medical professionals are given the information and tools needed for successful patient care, it leads to a higher rate of positive outcomes.

Pickup, Delivery, and Logistics Management

Intra-company logistics, or medical transportation – the movement of physical materials, such as specimens, pharmaceuticals, supplies, print, mail, equipment, and more – is the logistics layer that enables the clinical layer to function most efficiently and effectively.

Sharicom Medical provides different levels of same-day pickup and delivery services across Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, Tennessee, Virginia, and West Virginia. With our flexible delivery options, real-time tracking, confirmations, and professional service, Sharicom Medical® delivers more for you.

Sharicom Medical® provides medical courier services and medical logistics management. Timeliness is one of the most crucial in the medical field.

As part of Sharicom Companies, we have Hub's and offices being in Lexington, KY, with satellite stations in Elizabethtown, Florence, Hazard, Louisville, Morehead, Richmond, Huntington, WV, Blountville, TN, and Bristol, VA.

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