Courier Service Advantage

We understand the important role that we play to pharmacieshospitalsclinicshome infusion services, home health companies, blood banks, labsmedical equipment, and other life science centers every day. Knowing the healthcare supply chain can be a matter of life or death. Hospitals, manufacturers, labs, other medical and healthcare organizations must by necessity create seamless partnerships and processes that extend to their logistics providers. Sharicom Medical's pickup and delivery services are the only patient-centric supply chain company completely dedicated to the medical, pharmaceutical, and life sciences industries.

Additional Savings

As a division of Sharicom HealthCare®, having Sharicom Medical's Courier Service Advantage as your pickup and delivery service partner will give your business a significant advantage over your competition. In addition to improved patient service, we treat your patients as our own and you will save money on payroll, taxes, insurance, fleet maintenance, and fleet finance payments!

Automobile Insurance
Payroll Taxes
Liability Insurance for Delivery
Workers Compensation
Oil Changes
Automobile Payments
Tire Rotation & Replacement

Courier Service AdvantageWe Are Your Virtual Fleet: Maintaining a fleet is expensive and time-consuming. Sharicom Medical (logistics management), Sharicom Wellness (medical courier, logistics management, and overall wellness), part of Sharicom HealthCare are available when you need us, without the extra costs of vehicle payments and upkeep, insurance or payroll, taxes, and benefits.

All Deliveries Are Insured: Our deliveries are covered by over $2 million in comprehensive cargo & liability insurance. Certificate of Insurance (COI) available upon request.

Ongoing Account Support: Business customers are assigned a dedicated account executive with phone/chat support 24/7.

Improved Customer Experience:  Our award-winning delivery application gives you the ability to track your agent driver in real-time, call them, text them, or send them a message using our software.

Sharicom Medical, part of Sharicom HealthCare

Pickup and Delivery - Loss Prevention

Picture Confirmation

Loss prevention and delivery verification is a major concern for every delivery business. Our agent drivers take photos of the delivery addresses, including the destination address and the front door.

Our agent drivers take photos and attach them to the delivery tickets and send them to you accompanied by any comments from the agent driver or the recipient.

Signature Confirmation

Not only do we provide signature verification, but the agent driver's GPS coordinates are logged so you can show that the package was signed for at the location of the delivery destination.

When our agent drivers arrive at the delivery destination, the recipient can sign for the delivery using the agent drivers app. If there is ever a dispute later on down the road from someone who claims they didn't receive their package, we can provide proof that they signed for it.

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