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Sharicom Medical Courier Logistics Auditing & Reporting

At Sharicom Medical Courier Logistics, A Sharicom Company, our reporting and auditing systems provide our clients with the information they need, simply and instantly. Our automated Zippykind Medical Tracking (ZKMT) solution employs purpose-built proprietary systems and software to monitor and track content and activity in real-time.

Sharicom Medical Courier Logistics Track Content and Activity in Real-Time

The system manages the norms and escalates exceptions as they occur to specific support teams with qualified skill sets for resolution. This occurs in real-time to safeguard specimen testing integrity for patients.

Reporting examples:

Zero count by contract stop report

  • Shows all stops that did not have a daily pickup
  • Helps determine if a stop should be a will-call

Activated will call reports

  • Shows will calls that are activated
  • Helps determine if a stop should be daily

On-demand order report

  • Shows all STAT and routine jobs
  • Helps understand the volume and nature of STAT work

Route optimization

  • Shows any stops picked up or delivered late
  • Helps determine the efficiency of route and performance of a driver
  • Route sheets
  • View actual electronic route sheets in real-time

Exemption notification

  • Alert people when an exception occurs via Email and SMS alerts
  • Reporting

Our goal is to manage exceptions proactively, NOT AFTER you tell us there is a problem.

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