Kentucky receives B Confidence Grade in COVID-19 Testing

Kentucky receives B Confidence Grade in COVID-19 Testing | Sharicom HealthCare

Kentucky COVID-19 Testing

Kentucky COVID-19 Testing doesn't provide complete data. It may not regularly update tests conducted by commercial labs or those who test negative.

How many people have the coronavirus in your state, and how many people are being tested for it? The COVID Tracking Project at The Atlantic is monitoring vital information about the pandemic in each U.S. state, as well as the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico.

All 50 states regularly report their new positive cases, as do Washington, D.C., and Puerto Rico. But some public-health departments aren’t providing as much information to the public as others. To help readers understand how thorough each one is in its reporting, we’ve assigned every state a letter grade. This grade does not assess the quality of a state’s testing, but rather the detail, transparency, and regularity of its data.

As of June 25, the COVID Tracking Project assesses states on 16 different factors in five categories, and it revises state grades at least once a week.


To the credit of the Beshear administration, however, Governor Andy Beshear and Public Health Commissioner Steven J. Stack build the Commonwealth's COVID-19 testing from the ground-up, with little to no direction from the Trump administration. Everyone here at Sharicom HealthCare, Sharicom Medical Logistics, and Sharicom Wellness applaud the leadership of Governor Andy Beshear.

What has become apparent during the pandemic is that the Kentucky Governor and the Kentucky Public Health Commissioner need expended emergency powers to handle public health emergencies, something the Republican-controlled Kentucky House of Representatives nor the Kentucky Senate are likely to grant.

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